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  1. Nine former team members were able to clear their schedules for this trip.

  2. Two new team members raised the funds needed to attend and work on this trip.

Well Drilling

  1. Hundreds of feet of PVC casing were unloaded and organized for many future wells.

  2. Well pumps and necessary plumbing were also unloaded and organized.

  3. The smaller “White Machine” completed a well for a local public school in the Kilometer 50 area of Chulucanas.

  4. The “Blue Machine”, after receiving a refurbished motor, was able to drill two new wells.  One in a village called Mogote and another in a village called Nueva Esperanza.  At the Mogote drill site, WOLWI has started a new church plant overseen by Pastor Carlos Hidalgo.

  5. A local church has volunteered to erect metal towers and install the necessary tanks and plumbing for 3 wells and at least 2 rehabilitated wells within the next month.

Church Planting

  1. An official church planting group was established in the capital city of Piura as a ministry partner to Wells of Living Water International and Posos de Agua Viva PERU.

  2. A church planting team has volunteered to begin a new church at the Mogote well site. 

  3. A church plant has also begun in Nuevo Yapata where a well was drilled in 2017.

Infrastructure and Construction

  1. Shipment of second 40x8 foot container with supplies and equipment

  2. Distribution of 98 boxes of good, used clothing through a local church

  3. Installation of refurbished diesel motor into the primary drilling machine

  4. Completion of second phase of warehouse construction now totaling 1,760 square feet.

  5. Installation of new 18 horse Honda motor onto centrifugal pump frame

  6. Reorganization and storage construction of both lockable containers as:

    1. #1: Tool and Equipment unit and

    2. #2: Well Supply unit

  7. Negotiation of the 30-year lease of WOLWI warehouse property​

Financial and Organizational Status

  1. The Peruvian equivalent of the non-profit Wells of Living Water International has been officially recognized by the Peruvian government.  It is called Posos de Agua Viva Peru, PAVPERU.

  2. A commissioning service was held on May 12, 2019 in the Grace and Peace Baptist Church of Piura, Peru.

  3. A Peruvian bank account was established in the name of PAVPERU.  

"Success List" from WOLWI Peru Trip, May 2019

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