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According to research on the cost of drilling a well in Peru by local contractors, it is charged by each meter of depth and can cost more than 25,000 US dollars.  Not many smaller communities can afford to do it. 
Full Sponsorship: The ministry of Wells of Living Water can drill a well and install a pump and pressure tank for $6,000 each,   
Well Shares:  Some churches, groups, or individuals may want to help by donating "Well Shares" at $100 a share.  
The reason it is so much cheaper is because all of the labor and supply costs are donated with funds raised in the US.  If WOLWI can find 3 Well Sponsors, an entire trip can be funded for a team of 6-8 trained volunteers for an 8-10-day drilling trip.  Some trips have yielded 4 wells in a week.  

The Well Sponsor Brochure will explain all you need to know about becoming a Wells of Living Water well sponsor.  (See button above for PDF copy)
Team Meeting

A Special Way to Donate a Well:

Stocks and Bonds

For more information, please call our director, Ken Andrews, at 910/309-4871.

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